We are seeing emergency patients from 9am to 1pm Monday through Saturday

The ADA and NYSDA recommend that dentists voluntarily suspend
non-essential or non-urgent dental care for the next few weeks.

Notice of Temporary Closure

Dear Patients:

Our top priority is the health and well-being of our patients, families, staff, and community. To that end, we have decided to close our practice for the next few weeks, starting on 03/18/20 in accordance with guidance provided by the American Dental Association. We believe that this closure will allow us to more effectively adhere to the government’s recommendations and the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) guidance of social distancing.

As health care professionals, we believe we have a role to play in "flattening the curve" in order to follow sound, scientific public health advice to help limit infections and slow the spread of the virus. Our office will be closely reviewing our appointment schedule. If you have a non-urgent appointment scheduled with us this week, our office will be in touch to help reschedule your appointment.

We will be on-call in the event of a true dental emergency. Should you require emergency dental care, please call our office as you normally would at 516-825-1100 for instructions on contacting us for an emergency.

We will continue to evaluate the situation as it evolves and determine when it is appropriate for us to return to our normal business hours.

Please stay safe and healthy.


Dr. Brian Raskin
Advanced DDS

Advanced Children's Dentistry Services


Exams and Cleanings

Your child’s first checkup should be within their first year and be scheduled twice a year annually thereafter. The exam will evaluate the dental health status of proper bite, loose teeth and gum health and check for cavities.  During your visit, we will also review the benefits of fluoride treatments and dental sealants to prevent cavities.

General Anesthesia

General Anesthesia for Children

 To reduce children’s anxiety, we provide nitrous oxide (laughing gas).  For those in need of deeper sedation, we offer general anesthesiology provided by our on-site dental anesthesiologist.

Preventive Care

Preventative Care & Education

As part of every pediatric visit, our team provides counsel and advice to ensure children adopt the best practices for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. That includes, in part, demonstrating proper brushing and flossing techniques and an overview of good daily diet and nutrition habits.

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Read more about our Membership Plan, designed for patients with no insurance, that makes bringing your child to the Dentist more affordable. 


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