How to Prevent a Kids Dental Emergency During the Summer

Informational graphic about how to prevent dental emergencies in kids

The summer season is an exciting time for kids—especially because they usually have more free time! Some of the activities that kids engage in during the summer can be a great way for them to have fun while exercising—but proper safety measures are very important to prevent a dental emergency. Furthermore, summertime can mean that…

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What Are The Worst Kids Dental Habits?

Infographic with facts about the worst dental habits that kids have

As kids grow, they may begin developing habits that are not favorable for their dental health. Sometimes, kids grow out of these bad habits but other times they just continue into their teenage years and worsen. If these bad habits are not corrected early, they can cause permanent damage that can be costly and painful…

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Can Kids Get Sick From Germs in the Mouth?

how to prevent illness infographic

Germs can spread and thrive in all sorts of places, including the mouth. In fact, illness can begin in the mouth and be transmitted to others orally as well. Kids are especially vulnerable to getting sick, as they may not have yet solidified their oral hygiene habits and their immune systems are not as strong…

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