Can My Child Get A Dental Cleaning Without Kids Dental Insurance?

kids dental insurance alternative infographic, describing the benefits of a dental membership plan

Contrary to popular belief, you CAN actually get comprehensive, affordable pediatric dental care without having kids dental insurance. Many offices including Advanced Children’s Dentistry in Garden City, NY offer a dental membership plan just for kids. Because dental membership plans are not dental insurance, there are no deductibles, premiums, pre-approvals, maximums, or waiting periods. Gone…

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What Happens During A Kids Teeth Cleaning Appointment?

Kids dental cleaning infographic about what to expect

Regular pediatric dental checkups are fairly routine and straight forward. Generally, pediatric dentists recommend that once the first tooth is visible, that’s around when you should schedule the first visit to the dentist’s office. From there, it’s usually recommended that the child has a regular check-up and cleaning every six months (or more frequently). Before…

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