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Child's dental appointment

How to Prepare For A Child’s Dental Appointment Before The School Year

Before kids go back to school, it’s important to make sure they see their pediatric dentist. A child’s dental appointment can be beneficial just before the school year starts, for a variety of different reasons. For example, pediatric dentists have the ability to use x rays to see in between the teeth and catch tiny…

Infographic describing how to teach kids dental hygiene

How Do I Teach My Children About Kids Dental Hygiene?

In order to help children form healthy habits, it’s important to educate them from a young age. When it comes to teaching kids dental hygiene techniques, using age-appropriate language is key. Not only do simplified explanations help kids understand, but they also make it easier on you when teaching them. For example, using a sentence…

Infographic describing why kids often avoid going to the dentist

3 Reasons Kids Avoid Their Pediatric Dentist

One of the most infamous reasons an individual may avoid something is the all-familiar “fear of the unknown.” Furthermore, going to any medical office may make kids scared, especially because they may have had negative experiences before, or heard/seen others have negative experiences. For these and some of the following additional reasons, kids tend to…

Infographic detailing what dental sealants are

What Are Dental Sealants?

Did you know that dental cavities often develop in the absence of adequate dental hygiene and preventive care? Luckily, a preventive care treatment called dental sealants may be applied to the teeth in order to stop cavities before they start. In short, dental sealants refers to a coating that is painted onto the back teeth…

Informational graphic about how to prevent dental emergencies in kids

How to Prevent a Kids Dental Emergency During the Summer

The summer season is an exciting time for kids—especially because they usually have more free time! Some of the activities that kids engage in during the summer can be a great way for them to have fun while exercising—but proper safety measures are very important to prevent a dental emergency. Furthermore, summertime can mean that…

Infographic with facts about the worst dental habits that kids have

What Are The Worst Kids Dental Habits?

As kids grow, they may begin developing habits that are not favorable for their dental health. Sometimes, kids grow out of these bad habits but other times they just continue into their teenage years and worsen. If these bad habits are not corrected early, they can cause permanent damage that can be costly and painful…

how to prevent illness infographic

Can Kids Get Sick From Germs in the Mouth?

Germs can spread and thrive in all sorts of places, including the mouth. In fact, illness can begin in the mouth and be transmitted to others orally as well. Kids are especially vulnerable to getting sick, as they may not have yet solidified their oral hygiene habits and their immune systems are not as strong…

Infographic about tooth pain in kids

How to Treat Kids Tooth Pain During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Parenting is a full-time job, and when your child has tooth pain, you may need to work overtime! Toothaches can keep kids up at night and make it difficult for them to eat without pain—but there is hope! During this unprecedented time, dental offices are open for dental emergencies in New York. Furthermore, because of…

Delayed Tooth Eruption Feat Image

Delayed Tooth Eruption in Kids

Tooth eruption refers to the emergence of a tooth through the gums and into the mouth. Tooth eruption in children tends to loosely follow a common growth schedule, as published by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. In general, parents tend to see a baby’s first tooth anywhere between four and fifteen months of age.…

ACD - Oral Thrush Feat Image

How Does Oral Thrush Affect Babies and Kids?

Oral thrush refers to an infection caused by an overgrowth of yeast fungi in the mouth that causes symptoms that may negatively impact nutritional intake and dental health. Oral thrush is most common in babies under six months of age. It is also common among kids and people who are immunocompromised (suffering from a weakened…