Summer Events for Kids in Garden City

Now that things are opening up, are you looking for things to do with the kids? Well, we have some news for you! Garden City, NY has some really great activities and events for kids and families this summer! Check out our list below to see what’s happening for kids in Garden City below: Playground…

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Could My Baby Be Crying From Tooth Pain?

A crying baby can be very unsettling– especially when it’s your own child. Babies cry for a few different reasons, some of the more common ones are that they’re hungry, tired, have a full diaper, or they’re in some kind of pain. Although, in some cases babies suffer from colic, which is when a baby…

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Which Pediatric Dentists Provide Special Needs Dentistry on Long Island?

special needs dentistry infographic

General anesthesia (GA) dentistry is a wonderful option for children that can’t sit still for dental care due to behavioral issues, anxiety, phobias, and more. General anesthesia dentistry requires an anesthesiologist who administers medication intravenously (through an IV inserted with a needle into the arm) to sedate the patient. This allows the dentist to then…

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Can My Child Get A Dental Cleaning Without Kids Dental Insurance?

kids dental insurance alternative infographic, describing the benefits of a dental membership plan

Contrary to popular belief, you CAN actually get comprehensive, affordable pediatric dental care without having kids dental insurance. Many offices including Advanced Children’s Dentistry in Garden City, NY offer a dental membership plan just for kids. Because dental membership plans are not dental insurance, there are no deductibles, premiums, pre-approvals, maximums, or waiting periods. Gone…

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What Happens During A Kids Teeth Cleaning Appointment?

Kids dental cleaning infographic about what to expect

Regular pediatric dental checkups are fairly routine and straight forward. Generally, pediatric dentists recommend that once the first tooth is visible, that’s around when you should schedule the first visit to the dentist’s office. From there, it’s usually recommended that the child has a regular check-up and cleaning every six months (or more frequently). Before…

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Why Are Kids Dental Routines So Important?

graphic of kids doing daily routine activities

We often hear the phrase, “repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.” Well, we’d like to refute that statement. In fact, creating habits and routines can take a while—especially in young kids. Once positive habits are solidified, they can be maintained for good oral…

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Use It Or Lose It: Kids Dental Insurance Benefits!

End of the year kids dental checklist informational graphic

Plenty of people remain unaware that their dental insurance benefits tend to run out by December 31st every year, and if you don’t use them, you will lose them! Fortunately, we’re here to help remind you. Before the year is over, your child should have had a dental checkup at least twice (once every six…

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How Do I Choose The Right Pediatric Dentist?

Choosing a healthcare provider for your child is a very important process! It’s crucial that you have the right information about the training the provider has received, the type of services they provide, and whether or not they have a friendly, calming bedside manner. Just one particularly negative visit may scare kids away from a…

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High Tech Kids Dental Gadgets

We know how hard it can be to get kids excited or even interested in taking care of their teeth on a daily basis. A study conducted by Carnegie Mellon University in March 2015 found that “interactive activities are six times more likely to help students learn.” Furthermore, pediatric dentists often assert that education is one…

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Pediatric Dentistry Checklist: Fall Season

infographic with a fall kids dental checklist

Happy autumn! Every year during this time, it helps to at least go through a pediatric dentistry checklist to make sure that your child has everything they need. The fall season is a great time to ensure kids have all of the protection they can get before starting sports, going into the holidays, and continuing…

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