Dehydration in Children

Water is an essential part of life; it makes up to 70% of your child’s body weight. Therefore, drinking the proper amount of fluids is important to maintaining your child’s health. If your child isn’t drinking enough water, they could be at risk of dehydration. Dehydration can lead to weakened immune system, increased blood pressure, dry skin, and a higher risk of obesity.

The Causes of Dehydration

Dehydration is caused when there is not enough water flowing through the body to function properly. This means that there are more fluids leaving your child’s body than what is being put in. Typically, dehydration is a result of your child not receiving enough fluids during a sick period or having extreme fluid loss related to diarrhea or vomiting.

The Symptoms of Dehydration

To tell if your child is suffering from dehydration look for the following signs and symptoms:

  • Dry mouth and cracked lips
  • Sudden drowsiness and low energy levels
  • No tears when crying
  • Cold or dry rough skin
  • Not going to the restroom for 8-12 hours

How to Keep Your Child Hydrated

Young children are at higher risk than adults to suffer from dehydration. It is important to make sure your child is getting the right amount of nutrients and fluids throughout the warmer months.

Here are some ways to keep your child hydrated:

  1. Use a washable, refillable water bottle and fill it up on the go
  2. Add slices of lemon, lime, or your child’s favorite fruits to water so they’ll enjoy drinking it
  3. Have your child drink plenty of water before, during and after engaging in outdoor activities
  4. If your child just ate and is still hungry, give them a cup of water to make sure they’re staying hydrated and not overeating or confusing hunger for thirst
  5. Ask for water, instead of juice when going to restaurants. It’s free and will keep your child hydrated, whereas sugar in juice drinks can further dehydrate your child.

Three Benefits of Drinking Water

  1. Strengthens your child’s teeth: drinking tap water can be an easy, beneficial way for your child to intake fluoride and prevent decay (check the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website to see if your town offers community fluoridation water systems).
  2. Fights dry mouth: drinking water can keep your child’s saliva levels up to ensure their soft tissue stays hydrated to prevent bad breath
  3. Keeps your child’s mouth clean: drinking water helps wash away bad bacteria and food particles in your child’s mouth while diluting acids and sugars to protect their teeth from cavities

At Advanced Children’s Dentistry, your Garden City Pediatric Dentist, we want to make sure your child’s oral health is maintained throughout the summer by drinking water to prevent tooth decay. Call to schedule an appointment at (516) 758 – KIDS.

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