Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Getting an early start in regular dental care is an important step to teaching your child healthy lifetime habits. Learn why it’s important for your child to meet the dentist, what to prepare for, and what to expect at your child’s first dental visit.

Meeting the Dentist

The first dental appointment is all about getting your child comfortable with their dentist. The dental office should have a warm, welcoming environment filled with books, toys, televisions, and other things that make children feel comfortable and at ease.

The first dental visit is designed to help your child build a relationship with the dentist and understand what to expect. They will see pictures of their teeth and learn more about special tools the dentist uses. The team will review good oral hygiene habits like brushing and flossing and why these are important to their overall health. Many dental problems can be prevented or more easily treated in the early stages. At this first visit, you will get your questions answered and start to build a relationship with your dentist.

Preparing for the First Dental Visit

Your child may put up a fuss during the dental visit or on the way. If possible, ask another adult to come with you; this should be someone who helps to care for your child so that the child feels comfortable going to the dentist. It’s best not to bring other children to the first dental visit because you want to be able to talk freely with the dentist and to focus attention on your child. To make this visit even better for your child, we suggest that you bring their favorite toy, blanket or other familiar object to make them feel comfortable and secure in the dental office.

To save time and make the first visit easier, ask the dental office to email you all the forms you will need to fill out prior to coming in.

What to Expect for the First Dental Visit

Their dentist will teach your child about their oral health and hygiene: teething, fluoride, brushing, flossing, and cavities. Your child will receive a cleaning from the dentist that same day. This part is normally easy for a child to sit through as they get to taste fun flavors of toothpaste that they may not have at home. The cleaning process will involve brushing, flossing, and an application of fluoride to help prevent tooth decay. Fluoride treatments are recommended for children as it is the best way to protect the teeth from bacteria that causes cavities.

Your child will also receive an evaluation of their teeth during the first dental visit based on:

  • how many teeth there are and should be present (depending on their age)
  • loose teeth
  • cavities
  • gum health
  • bite habit
  • tongue and speech
  • fluoride use
  • diet and health history
  • home care & prevention

Follow Up

Before leaving the office, you should have a clear idea about your child’s oral development, your responsibilities, and your child’s likelihood of developing cavities. If your child does have tooth decay, the dentist will need to schedule your child for additional appointments.

At Advanced Children’s Dentistry, your Garden City Pediatric Dentist, we want to make sure you and your family promote the positive affects of developing a rapport with your child’s dentist at a young age and establish daily hygiene habits. Call us today at (516) 758 – KIDS to reserve your child’s dental care appointment.

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