Five Harmful Foods to Your Child’s Teeth

According to an online survey conducted by, consumers in the U.S. make 1.5 trips to the grocery store during a regular week. However, the items we buy and put into our bodies may not always be the best for us. Between snacking and trying to stay hydrated, there are many things that can have a negative effect on your family’s oral health.

Here is a list of five harmful foods that can damage your child’s teeth:

  1. Ice

Ice is made of water and doesn’t contain any sugar or other additives. However, chewing on hard substances like ice can damage your child’s enamel and leave their teeth vulnerable to a dental emergency. We suggest that they enjoy water in its liquid form.

  1. Sports drinks

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, sports drinks can be helpful for young athletes engaged in prolonged, vigorous physical activities, but aren’t necessary. We recommend that you check the label before giving your child this sugary beverage. Try giving them ionized alkaline water after sporting events to restore their energy and electrolytes.

  1. Sticky or gummy foods and candies

When it comes to picking healthy snacks, many people get trail mix or granola bars with dried fruits. However, dried fruits can be sticky. Be aware as these are considered to be harmful foods since they tend to stay on the teeth longer than other foods. Our recommendation is to rinse with water and carefully brush and floss your child’s teeth afterwards.

  1. Potato chips

Potato chips are filled with starch, which tends to get stuck in-between your teeth. Make sure to take extra care when flossing to remove all the food particles; this helps prevent plaque build-up.

  1. Soda and citrus juices

Sugar from soda builds plaque bacteria that produces acid and erodes your child’s enamel. Frequent exposure to acidic foods and beverages can cause tooth decay over time.  Whenever consuming soda or citrus, have a glass of water to wash away any sugar or acidity in their mouth.

So, remember that when you’re checking out at the grocery store it is in your family’s best interest to leave these items on the shelf.

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