Teething Symptoms and Remedies

Although timing varies widely, babies often begin teething by the age of 6 months. When your baby’s first tooth appears, make sure to celebrate their milestone with pictures and noting it in your child’s baby book. Your baby’s teeth started developing while they were in your womb. Generally, the bottom front teeth appear first followed by the top two front teeth.

Here are some symptoms your baby may experience when teething:

  • Drooling
  • Chewing on objects
  • Irritability or crankiness
  • Sore or tender gums
  • Low rectal fever of 99˚ F (37.2 ˚ C)

Teething may not be the most comfortable experience for you or your baby. Try these 7 teething remedies that will help soothe both you and your baby:

  1. Rub your baby’s gums

Wash your hands, and then give your baby a gentle gum massage. The pressure will counter that of the teeth breaking through. It should feel good and offer your baby some relief from their swollen gums.

  1. Refrigerate a pacifier

Chilling a pacifier will lightly numb the gums and make your baby feel more at ease.

  1. Make milk popsicles or chilled purees

This is one for those parents who have babies that refuse to eat while teething due to discomfort. We recommend using BPA-free popsicle forms and filling it with either breastmilk or formula. Make sure to put a bib on your baby and place them on a washable towel or blanket to avoid a mess when those popsicles begin to melt. Depending on your baby’s appetite, you could also try serving them chilled purees to cool and soothe their gums.

  1. Trade out your jewelry for baby-safe teething necklaces

When babies are teething, they tend to be cranky and will grab anything around them to put in their mouth to stop the pain. Instead of letting them break your favorite necklaces and bracelets, trade out your jewelry for baby-safe teething necklaces.

  1. Try different types of teethers

Babies have preferences on lots of things, and teethers are no different. When their mouths are really aching, you want to give your child something they like and will really sink those gums into.

  1. Freeze a textured washcloth

Dampen a textured washcloth, wring it dry, and place it in the freezer. A preferred material is terrycloth or one with ribbing because it will offer added relief by creating friction as your baby gnaws on it.

  1. Give your baby some Tender Love and Care (TLC)

Studies in reflexology show that there is a connection between your toes, head, and teeth. Gently massage your baby’s feet and snuggle up with them afterwards to create closeness and reduce discomfort.

At Advanced Children’s Dentistry, your Garden City Pediatric Dentist, we want to make sure your baby has a healthy and comfortable teething phase. Don’t forget, once those teeth are all in you can call us at (516) 758 – KIDS to reserve your child’s first dental visit [hyperlink to last article].

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