Halloween Candy & Oral Health Tips

Kids love Trick or treating and Halloween is a sugary buffet from candy corn to caramelized apples. At Advanced Children’s Dentistry we want to make sure that while your kids are enjoying the holiday, they are still practicing healthy oral habits. We are not suggesting that you ban your child of candy. It’s important to educate your child on the potential harm sugary food can pose and why healthy habits are encouraged.

The Bad Candies

The candy that tends to be worse for your child’s oral health, is the candy that will be in a child’s mouths for longer periods of time. When sugar is in your mouth, naturally formed bacteria interacts with it and forms an acid that eats away your tooth enamel. The longer the candy stays in the mouth, the longer the acid attacks. You should try to avoid the following candies such as lollipops, hard candy, and sugary gum will help prevent this. Other types of candy to keep an eye out for are sticky candies such as gummies, nugget, caramel, and taffy. These candies like to stick around and hide in hard to reach places. They allow sugar to stay in the mouth longer and give the acid more time to consume the teeth.

The Better Candies

A good substitution for these candies are ones that are sugar free, such as sugar free lollipops and American Dental Association (ADA) approved gum. The sugar free candy can help dislodge food or stimulate saliva. As far as “good” candy, dark chocolate is not a bad option. Dark chocolate has antioxidants that can help lower blood pressure. Encourage healthy snacks such as cheese, yogurt, vegetables, peanut butter, and chocolate milk. Of course we are not saying to ban your child of sweets, but making sure they understand that they should only eat a small amount of sweets helps. It is hard trying to avoid all of the harmful candies that children want; encouraging healthy oral habits is a great way to keep up their mouth healthy.

Keep Up With Your Oral Health

An excellent habit to instill on your kids, especially on Halloween, is to eat a meal consuming sweets. It is difficult for kids to fill up on candy if they are already full. Another healthy habit is to make sure they drink water or brush their teeth after eating sugary foods. As always, one of the best ways to make sure your child’s teeth stay health is to make sure they brush twice a day for 2 minutes, floss once a day and visit their dentist every 6 months.

Advanced Children’s Dentistry wants to make sure you and your child enjoy your Halloween while keeping your teeth happy and healthy. Call today to schedule your child’s dental appointment at 516-758-KIDS (5437). We are located at 200 Garden City Plaza, Suite 101, Garden City, NY 11530.

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