Kids Center

We know that kids love to have fun!

At Advanced Children’s Dentistry, our office is filled with toys, books, and games for children to have an enjoyable and relaxed visit.

To help your child prepare for dentist visits, check out our coloring pages and the No Cavity Club.

We look forward to seeing you!


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  • No Cavity Club
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My Day at Dr Sybil’s

Dr Sybil
Maizy the Dog

color with us!

We want you to have fun as you get ready for your dental visit.

Click your favorite drawing to download and color it with crayons or markers.

Be sure to bring your completed art to your appointment.  We love seeing your beautiful work!


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"No Cavity Club" Rules
  • No Cavity Club members will have a choice upon which prize they would like to win during the month that they come in for their appointment– they may only choose one prize option
  • Your child will write their name on a slip of paper and place it into the corresponding piggy bank for the prize they’d like
  • The club members will renew every month