Top 5 Best Questions To Ask A Pediatric Dentist

Every six months, children should be visiting their pediatric dentist for a dental cleaning and check-up (in some cases, more frequent cleanings are needed). Upon visiting the dentist, it’s important to have any and all questions or concerns addressed by your child’s dentist while you have the chance. Some of the most commonly asked questions involve the dental timeline (when kids lose/grow teeth), cavities, tooth pain, and infant/toddler dental concerns. We recommend that parents ask questions they know they won’t find the answers to online, including questions regarding specifics.

Top 5 Best Questions To Ask

Some of the following patient-specific questions are great to ask your pediatric dentist directly:

  1. When should we start looking at my child’s wisdom teeth to see if they need to come out?

Some kids begin showing signs of impacted wisdom teeth early, which can become an issue if they aren’t taken care of. This is a patient-specific question, because some kids may show signs of having quickly developing teeth, and others may be showing signs of having slower-growing teeth. The dentist who has been seeing your child can spot these changes in development and make suggestions regarding having the wisdom teeth evaluated.

  1. Does my child need to see an orthodontist? If so, when, and who?

Pediatric dentists can tell when the adult teeth may be growing in crooked, causing a negative effect on the patient’s bite and smile appearance. Plus, many may have good recommendations for orthodontists in your area that take your insurance.

  1. Are there any indications that my child is prone to cavities?

Depending on your child’s dental and medical history, the dentist can certainly tell you whether or not your child seems to be more prone to developing cavities. If so, there are ways to prevent cavities before they start, besides just maintaining proper daily oral hygiene, such as dental sealants.

  1. Are my child’s teeth growing in at the proper rate?

Although this question is subjective as the “proper rate” can vary, your child’s pediatric dentist should be able to tell you if your child’s teeth are developing according to the typical timeline of a child their age.

  1. How often should I bring my child in for dental cleanings? Is 2x a year sufficient?

In some cases, children may need more frequent dental cleanings. This may be due to gingivitis (early gum disease), frequent cavities, and/or other medical reasons that warrant frequent dental surveillance.

It’s easy to do a quick search on the internet to see “what a cavity is,” or “how to teach dental hygiene to kids.” Therefore, it’s best to save case-specific questions for the dentist who knows your child’s mouth the best. Likewise, your pediatric dentist will be able to reassure you, give you the proper information, and solutions if needed. Dr. Sybil Padavathil is a pediatric dentist at Advanced Children’s Dentistry in Garden City, NY where treating and educating patients are two of her top priorities. Schedule a pediatric dental appointment in Garden City at 516-758-KIDS(5437) today!

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