Which Pediatric Dentists Provide Special Needs Dentistry on Long Island?

General anesthesia (GA) dentistry is a wonderful option for children that can’t sit still for dental care due to behavioral issues, anxiety, phobias, and more. General anesthesia dentistry requires an anesthesiologist who administers medication intravenously (through an IV inserted with a needle into the arm) to sedate the patient. This allows the dentist to then perform whatever dental work needs to be done safely while the patient’s vitals are monitored by the anesthesiologist. Likewise, GA is a great option for children that require special needs dentistry as it creates a relaxing environment for the child to safely become sedated enough for the dentist to treat them. Parents of children having general anesthesia dentistry can rest assured that their child is in great hands, so that the dental care can be taken care of all at once!

What other options are available for special needs dentistry?

Other sedative options for children that need special needs dentistry include nitrous oxide-which provides a much lighter form of sedation, yet still “takes the edge off.” Yet, candidacy for nitrous oxide is based entirely on the individual case. In other words, some children may not be a candidate for nitrous oxide and may need general anesthesia instead. Nevertheless, GA is often the first choice for special needs dentistry since the medications used cause the child to be fully sedated. Full sedation helps prevent combative behavior that could injure the patient as well as the dentist.

Who offers special needs dentistry on Long Island?

Dr. Sybil Padavathil, a pediatric dentist in Garden City, NY offers GA for special needs dentistry at Advanced Children’s Dentistry. Dr. Sybil has extensive experience treating children that have special needs, including those with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD). In fact, Dr. Sybil works directly with our dental anesthesiologist, Dr. Jose Rivero to ensure safe and efficient special needs dental care. Schedule a consultation for pediatric general anesthesia dentistry at 516-758-KIDS (5437) today.


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